Dedicated to the memory of Nafeesah Amin

This site is a Tribute to Nafeesah Amin. Who was born on 17/03/2016 and passed away on 31/10/2016. In her short life she touched so many beautiful souls and changed all our lives for the good. I can't believe it Ma-sha-Allah who ever saw her or just heard about her loved her instantly. Due to her so many beautiful people came into our life from Neonatal Nurses & Dr from Heartland Hospital ( Karen, Sarah, Sarah, Claire,  Lousine and Dr Manjeet Raina ) to palliative  and community care nurses ( Jo, Joy, Rachael, Jackey, Vicky, Carol, Jen, Charlotte, Keturrah and Lauren), From GP (Dr Nishat Ahmed) to Acorn staff ( Margaret Maye, Katie Battle and many sweet nurses) who cared and loved Nafeesah like their own. Not only this Nafeesah brought our friends and family so close to us, we can't thank enough the family and friends for their love, care and duas that kept Nafeesah and us going in hard times. We also really appreciate all the beautiful souls who didn't know Nafeesah or us but they still prayed for us that kept us strong. She was precious to us all and will remain forever. Nafeesah is much loved and will always be remembered. We really appreciate every one who is contributing to the cause as tribute to our little Nafeesah. All the contribution is going to Acorn Hospice who support children like Nafeesah with life limiting condition and give support to their family as well. 

A poem written by elder sister Uzma

A sweet smile 
Appears upon her face
Though it may not be there always
It's engraved in my heart and mind.
The shine of your eyes,
Is the light for my heart.
Your small soft hands,
Held in my own,
Warm me while.
Your life is all I could ask for,
It's what keeps me up.
Here and hopeful.
It's because of you.
Our sweet, bright Angel...


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This Day Must Be Hard ... I Never Met Nafeesa Nor I Done Anything For Her. All I Know That She Came To This World To A Great Family With Lots Of Things. She Gave Love, Made Every One Stronger, Showed How Blessing Health Is, How She Bought So Many Unknown Stranger To Doorstep, She Bought Family Closer, She Came For So Little Time But Captured So Many Heart, She Gave Chance To Everyone To Challenge Their Strength & Selflessness, Became Reason For Parent To Take Them To Jannah, She Battled Life & Death Each Day Showing Braveness & Courageous Plus A Reminder To Us That We Have Life To Achieve Allah's Pleasure. & So Much More I'm Surely Unaware Of. Many Duas For Youh Sophia, Shazad Bhai, S****** & U***. You All Tried Your Level Best. I Pray Allah Accept Your Effort For This Blessing & A Trail. It Must Be Hard Not Be Sad & Miss Her. I Pray Allah Bless You All With Contentment, Happiness, Peace, Love, Health, Good Friends, Allah's Guidance & fruitful Goals & Their Results Here & Hereafter. Love Fatima. ❤️❤️❤️
Sent by Fatima Khala on 18/03/2017
Ever since my dear friend and brother Shazad delivered to me the terrible news of little Nafeesah's condition, followed by the even worse news of her passing, the awareness of the terrible ordeal that this family has gone through has not left my (our) thoughts. I am a father and can imagine all too well how an ordeal of this sort rips away the hearts of the 2 parents who suffer such a loss. But I will say this, as I did to Shazad when he told be the news of Nafeesah's passing--she is ALIVE, more now than she ever was before. She sees the face of God continually, is blind and deaf to the suffering that accompanies this life, and we know that this separation is only TEMPORARY in that we have the promise from our creator that we will all be joined together again in paradise. Nevertheless, I wish there were something more than words I could do to lighten the burden and the suffering of Shazad and his family, and it is in times such as these when we are reminded what is truly important in this world--the love of those closest to us--vs the petty, inconsequential things that are but distractions. You are always in my (our) prayers and affections.
Sent by Mark on 13/03/2017
My family and I have donated some of our toys and things to the local Acorns Hospice shops. Some of their shops are even open on a Sunday. Hopefully every little helps and others like beautiful Nafeefah and her wonderfully loving family in such extraordinary circumstances.
Sent by nadbransto on 27/02/2017


Thinking of you and your family today
Lit by Acorns Children's Hospice on 17/03/2018
Last few days have been very emotional for me 😞, everything that happened last year was running like a film infront of my eyes, reflecting and fighting with my nafas 😣. How should I react or my reaction should be on the day when part of me my little angel departed from the world 😢. Should I relive every moment of that morning with sadness and panic as it was on that day : my heart was saying something is not right although in last 7 months Nafeesah fought her illness and responded back but this time my heart knew she won't but I didn't wanted to believe it and kept hoping she will fight back 😢. In my hope that she will fight back I didnt realise my angel was taking her last breaths in my arms 😢. Those moments will live with me till my last breadth. I have read we (every single one of us) make our own memories according to our prospect of the situation. So today I choose to look at the memory from the prospect of my little nafeesah, she received a invitation from the lord of the universe. And she was ready, every thing was planned for her, angles were waiting for malakaqul to take her soul out gently so that they can rap her up in silk cloths and take her straight to her lord. What a beautiful day for her, Alhumdulilah that on that day Allah gave me courage to give her ghusal and get her ready and kiss her forhead to say good bye to her until we meet again. I still wonder and marvel that In less then 8 hours she was in her grave from the time she passed away. How eager was lord of the universe to receive her. When Allah wants something there is no hinder in it. I am so proud of my little angel who did her part so bravely, lovingly and reached her goal of touching so many peoples heart and bringing them close to Allah swt. I want to remember this day when my little precious went to gardens of heaven! I can imagine her crawling among beautiful garden in the supervision of prophet Ibraheem, smiling and giggling. My yearning and longing to hold her again increases day by day, it's a beautiful emotion that increases love ❤️, in anticipation to see her and hold her again I will try to be as patient as I can be. so that she can be proud of me
Lit by mum on 31/10/2017
Thinking of you and your family today.
Lit by Acorns Children's Hospice on 17/03/2017
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